Newell PB-FZ100 powerbank for Sony A7III

We’re announcing a very smart powerbank Newell PB-FZ100 for Sony A7 III, A7R III, A7R IV, A9.

Newell Power Bank PB series is a portable power bank device dedicated to powering SLR and mirrorless cameras. It combines the functions of a battery charger and a mobile power source.

The device is equipped with a high-current DC output with a dedicated cable – battery adapter. High energy efficiency allows you to increase the number of photos taken during the session or video recording time, without having to replace the batteries.

The built-in USB port allows you to charge many other portable devices (e.g. music players, portable consoles or smartphones). Thanks to its ergonomics, Newell powerbank is mobile, lightweight and easy to use. Thanks to the enclosed cover, the power supply unit can be attached to the trouser strap or a tripod.

You can view product details here.

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