Cameredigitale as a distributor in Romania

We are entering the New Year with a new partner and exclusive distributor in Romania. We are pleased to welcome Cameredigitale to the Newell family. We are glad that our products will be available for Romanian users from now on.

Cameredigitale borned in 2008. Their main focus was always to bring good products to photo & video users.
In time Cameredigitale developed to offer connected items like computers, periheaples, graphic tablets, e-ink tablets and now Newell camera batteries, chargers, LED lights, battery grips and more photo & video products.

For more information visit distributor’s website:

A Christmas gift for a photographer – choose the best Newell gadgets and accessories

Christmas is coming soon, so it’s high time to think about gifts for your loved ones. Well-chosen gifts are fun for both the givers and the recipients. Sometimes, however, choosing the right thing is quite a challenge. Especially when our friend or family member has a passion that we don’t know much about. So, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is interested in photography, creates videos for YouTube, or just enjoys documenting their life from a lens perspective, you’ve come to the right place! We have prepared a guide to Newell gadgets and devices so that your loved ones get gifts for photographers that will really be useful for them!

Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano: A pocket lamp with great possibilities

The Newell Rangha family has just grown with a new device! An LED lamp that fits in any bag or backpack of a video maker or photographer will help you create even better videos or photos using colored light. Meet the Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano – the perfect device for vloggers as well as macro, product or street photography enthusiasts.

PhotoTEQ Limited as Newell’s exclusive distributor for the UK

PhotoTEQ as Newell’s distributor for the UK

We happy to announce that we have appointed PhotoTEQ Limited as Newell’s exclusive distributor for the UK market.
Paul Genge started PhotoTEQ in 2018, but is has worked across the UK imaging industry back to 1990. Paul says “I am pleased to welcome Newell into the UK market, at a time when dealers and consumers are looking for top quality products to compliment the best cameras and technologies we have ever seen”

We are very pleased to start this cooperation with such a highly experienced and professional team. We believe this will be a big step forward for Newell and much better service for UK customers.

Please take a look at distributor’s website:

Now in XL size Newell Air Artha LED light with V-mount battery support

The Newell Air Artha XL LED light is a great device for photographers and filmmakers who are looking for a powerful light source with a large footprint and a round shape. Adjustable color temperature and power will make it easy to control just the right amount of light for your scene, and the built-in diffuser will give you the soft light that filmmakers want. With support for the popular V-Mount batteries in the film industry, the flash can operate wirelessly. Convenient operation is also supported by a remote control with built-in screen.

– model: Newell Air Artha XL
– maximum power: 70 watts
– LEDs: 180 x 5600 K, 180 x 3200 K
– maximum light intensity: 1800 lux (at 1 m)
– colour temperature range: 3200/5600 K (with built-in adjustment)
– colour rendering index: CRI > 95

Suggested retail price: 169,99 €

Read full product information here:
Newell Air Artha XL LED light

best light source for reading

Which light source to choose for reading: the best LED lamps

As a child, we constantly heard that we should not read in the dark because we would spoil our eyesight. As older people, many of us realized that good lighting is, above all, greater pleasure and comfort in spending time in the company of books and magazines. Today we would like to discuss how to choose light sources that illuminate the text you are reading. There are several parameters that should be properly adjusted when choosing the right lamp. For the sake of your own eyes and those of your loved ones, it is worth reading the following tips.

Announcing Newell Vividha Max RGB LED

Newell RGB Vividha Max is a small, slim lamp designed for filmmakers and photographers who want full control over parameters such as color, color temperature and light output. Built-in tripod mount, angle adjustment and the included gates and diffuser will further facilitate the work on set. Quick adjustment is ensured by ergonomic knob and easy to read TFT screen. The flash also has 9 thematic programs that will make you feel like in Hollywood!

Main features of Newell RGB Vividha Max LED lamp

  • brightness adjustment
  • adjustment of light color in HSI color space
  • adjustment of color temperature
  • adjustment of light color in HSI color space
  • colour temperature adjustment
  • light parameters control from the TFT screen
  • capable of powering the flash with 2 NP-F batteries (sold separately)
  • 9 thematic programs (special effects)
  • adjustable flash tilt angle
  • adjustable flash angle
  • screw for tripod mounting
  • diffuser, barn-doors and carrying case included
Powerbank with inductive charging

Powerbank with inductive charging: say goodbye to cables!

Wireless charging of devices is a technology that does not allow us to replenish energy from a distance of several meters, but it already significantly facilitates our daily functioning by minimizing the number of cables surrounding us. Special stands or power banks allow the smartphone placed on them to simply start charging. No more plugging in cables and tangled wires! Today we will look at inductive charging technology (because that’s what it’s called). We hope that after reading this text you will be aware of what device you need and it will be easier for you to choose it.

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