Newell Battery Grip VG-A6300 for Sony

The Newell VG-A6300 is a robust, fully functional Battery Pack for the Sony a6000, a6300 and a6400. The Grip allows you to hold the camera better, improves the comfort of use when shooting vertically and extends the life of the camera without having to replace the batteries in the camera.

dimensions: 13 x 5.4 x 5.6 cm (without the part entering the battery compartment)
weight: 155 g
colour: black

compatible cameras: Sony a6000, a6300, a6400
compatible batteries: NP-FW50

SKU: NL1905


The clever design and the highest quality materials used in production make the product will serve for years. The handle has been profiled to provide maximum comfort during shooting, both horizontally and vertically. Covered with durable and nice to the touch rubber material provides a comfortable and secure grip.

The Newell VG-A6300 allows you to install two NP-FW50 batteries, doubling your working time. A 1/4″ female tripod mount is provided on the underside of the grips, allowing you to use the tripod without having to take it off the camera. The Battery Pack is also equipped with an additional belt clip. The two-stage shutter release allows you to focus by gently pressing it. Pressing the button all the way down triggers the shutter, just like the button on the camera itself. The information about pressing the trigger is transmitted by means of a connection cable, which is clipped on the side of the device. With a built-in micro USB port, the VG-A6300 Battery Pack VG-A6300 also allows you to charge the batteries without having to remove them from the tray.

Additional information

Weight0.265 kg
Warranty2 years