Newell Battery AABAT-001

Fully compatible replacement battery for GOPRO 5, 6 and GOPRO7.

Model: AABAT-001
Dimensions: 3,5 x 3,1 x 1,1 cm
Weight: 25 g
Cell technology: Li-ion
Capacity: 1220 mAh
Voltage: 3,85 V

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Newell AABAT-001 lithium-ion battery dedicated to GOPRO Hero 5, 6 and 7 sports cameras is a high quality replacement for GoPro AA-BAT011 system battery.

The large capacity of 1220 mAh guarantees a long power supply to the equipment on a single charge.

Thanks to the use of microprocessors and the latest lithium-ion cell technology, the battery is free of the so-called “memory effect”. This means that the Newell AABAT-001 can be recharged at any time, regardless of its state of charge. Charging the battery does not affect its capacity or lifetime. A built-in microprocessor monitors the temperature of the battery during charging, protecting it from overheating.

Solidly constructed housing protects the cell and electronic components against mechanical damage. Batteries are fully safe to use.

Newell brand batteries work with both GoPro system chargers, Newell brand chargers, as well as with replacements from other manufacturers.

GoPro Hero 5 sports cameras
GoPro Hero 5 system battery chargers, Newell chargers and their replacements

Additional information

Dimensions2 × 4 × 9 cm
Warranty3 years