Newell LP-E17 battery

– model: LP-E17
– technology: Li-ion
– capacity: 950 mAh
– current: 7,2 V

– EOS RP, 760D, 750D, M3, 77D
– Note: The battery does not show a percentage charge and can only be charged on Newell chargers.

SKU: NL1007


The best quality cells were used to produce Newell batteries. The capacity given in milliamps is real and ensures long working time.
A built-in intelligent safety system based on the IC electronics regulates the charging process. This guarantees safety and protection for the device and the user.

The Newell replacement was built in lithium-ion technology. It allows for multiple charging and discharging as well as recharging at any time without the risk of the so-called “memory effect”.

Additional information

Dimensions2 × 4 × 9 cm
Warranty2 years