Newell M40 shadowless tent

The Newell M40 shadowless tent is a mobile photo studio hidden in a small cover. With its help you can take attractive product photos for online auctions and professional catalogues.

model: Newell M40
power: 24 W
lighting intensity: max. 8000 lux
colour temperature: 5500 K (± 200 K)
CRI ratio: 92+
number of LEDs: 2 x 42
voltage: 24 V
current: 1 A
rated voltage: AC 110 V or 220 V, DC 24 V
estimated LED panel life: 50000 h
dimensions: 44 x 44 x 44 cm (unfolded)
weight: about 2.6 kg

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Thanks to its well thought-out design, mounting the tent is extremely simple and fast. The frame is made of aluminium, which ensures the appropriate rigidity and lightness. The tent cover material is extremely durable and resistant to damage. When folded, the whole set takes up little space in your luggage. You can easily take it with you on a photographic order in your company or at your client’s house.

Many arrangement possibilities
There are three colourful backgrounds (white, black and orange). They allow for creative arrangement of the whole composition depending on the specifics of the photographed product. The backgrounds are made of durable plastic resistant to moisture and creases. Newell M40 shadeless tent has two “inputs”. Photos can be taken either from above or from the side, straight ahead or at an angle. The top window is ideal for taking photos of “flat lay”. The composition and lighting possibilities are practically unlimited.

Idealable lighting
The tent is equipped with two LED panels, whose position can be freely adjusted to achieve different lighting configurations. Its interior is covered with a special material that evenly distributes the light generated by the lamps. An additional diffuser allows to obtain the effect of diffuse, soft lighting, reducing glare, reflections and shadows on the photographed product.

Super power
8000 lux, a bar temperature of 5500 K and a colour rendering index CRI of 92+ will achieve natural and pleasing results. Photographed products will be well illuminated and the colours will be rendered correctly. Built-in controller allows for smooth adjustment of lighting power. You can easily adjust the parameters for best results.

Eco Energy
Thanks to the use of energy-saving LEDs, Newell lighting uses much less power than traditional light bulbs. Long hours of sessions will not affect the environment and your wallet. The large space ensures proper air circulation, and modern LEDs ensure that the device does not emit excessive heat. You can shoot for long hours without worrying about overheating the lamp and damaging the tent. The excellent quality of Newell LED lamps guarantees about 50,000 hours of trouble-free and trouble-free operation.

Additional accessories
A small tripod with a mobile phone holder is a perfect complement to the whole set. They will make it easier to take a still and perfectly cropped picture using a camera or a regular smartphone.